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Online and in-person education and tools to improve and transform your life.


This course will have you walk away with extraordinary tools that are practical, relevant, which will have you achieving your short and long term goals with satisfaction and enjoyment. The lifestyle that is available for you as you participate with RKC academy is a win-win for you, your community, and family.  In addition the course allows for your engagement where you walk away with a greater self awareness, insight, and how to overcome difficulties effectively and quickly that leaves you in charge of your life.

What you'll learn

Problem Solving

Learn how to see problems in a different way that will allow you to discover creative solutions to any obstacle that you may face.

Goal Setting

Learn how to set SMART goals and attain your dreams.

Communication Skills

Listen with intentions to have win/win experiences that leave you with respect and integrity with others.

Improved Relationships

Learn the value of effective connections that you leave you fulfilled and satisfied. Create a mindset where trust and accountability exist.

Greater Sense of Self Worth

Use your time to create and bring out the talent that will keep you on the path of self mastery in all areas of your life.

Stress Management

Learn the art and science of how your thoughts are the keys to having a peace of mind and a restful body. Appreciate your whole self even in difficult times.

Support System

Connect with others of like mind that will provide positive support and honest feedback which is essential to your growth and development.

Sample lesson from course

What people are saying

"The training caused a dramatic change in my life. Before the training I assumed my life was controlled by external circumstances.
The seminar made me aware of my own destructive 'programing' and gave me tools to change my life. I then passed this knowledge on to the kids I mentor."

Willie Cooper

"The training and structure of your program could be utilized in all communities nationwide. Therefore, your program may very well be the solution."
Governor's Office of Child Development and Education, State of California

Who should attend

Black Family - Mom, Dad and Daughter A


School Administrators

Business Leaders


College Students

Non-Profit Directors & Board Members

Life Coaches

Healthcare Workers

Social Service Agencies

Frequently asked questions

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Next class begins September 1st, 2021

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